An interview of free youtube subscribers in 2016

A YouTube subscriber is anyone who after watching someone else’s videos decides to subscribe to them. After the process of subscribing to someone then you get notifications whenever that person you subscribed to posts any videos on YouTube. It works more like a follow on Twitter or a like on Facebook.

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What role do YouTube subscribers play?

YouTube subscribe play a major role in product promotion. For most people the most effective way to make their product or company credible is by uploading it on YouTube and then letting your subscribers view the video. The more the views the more popular your product becomes. The large number of views also convinces many more YouTube users that your product is quiet credible to the extent of amassing such a large number of views. Subscribers also boost the services one aims to promote, for instance a massage parlor may post a video of its services on YouTube and if the parlor has many subscribers then their views will help promote the services of the massage parlor.

YouTube subscribers also increase the YouTube search networks of the specific person’s profile. The large number of subscribers means that, they would probably recommend to their friends your videos and uploads. In this way, new YouTube users will probably have to search for your videos or profile before they can subscribe to you. This is how the search network is affected.

In more than one way, YouTube subscribers increase a person’s video ranking. This can be simply illustrated by the like and dislike option that YouTube provides below the videos posted on its website. If a subscriber is thrilled by the video one has posted they will probably click the like button. Most people uploading videos will encourage their viewers and subscribers at the end of their videos to like the video by clicking on the like button. This increases one’s video ranking.

Did you know a lot of people are making a fortune on YouTube just because of their subscribers?

It may not be common knowledge to most people, the fact that you can make money provided you reach a certain threshold of subscribers that YouTube guidelines stipulate. Let us say, the known figures suggest that if you reach 1000 subscribers then you can easily make $ 1.50 by simply uploading a video and then wait for all your 1000 subscribers to like the video. There are other extensive ways through which a subscriber plays a role in making a millionaire out of you.

On YouTube, you can get paid through several ways:-

· If you have an account on YouTube and probably love uploading videos, then there is a chance that your hobby could turn into a part-time job. By simply placing at the end or beginning of your videos, then you would be entitled to a share of what YouTube gets from companies hoping to advertise their products and services on YouTube. As the number of views increase so does your stake in the profits YouTube makes.

Starting from $ 1.50 per 1000 views, you could make $ 1500 from a million views. This is where subscribers really play a major role. They ensure that for any video you will always be guaranteed a certain number of views, in other words, they ensure repeated views for your videos.

· You could also make money, of you have your videos sponsored. Although this is a big advantage to big companies, your luck might come from small companies looking to establish themselves among the minority first. As long as your videos are sponsored and you have your trusted bunch of subscribers, you always look to make money by making videos for these companies and then uploading them on YouTube. The views from your subscribers will generate you money.

· Making money through Patreon. Many people know how this organization works but a few believe they can make a kill from working with them. What it takes is a good number of subscribers and off you go into the business of literally draining money from Patreon. Patreon only takes a small 10% of the profits generated!!

The amount you make on YouTube largely depends on the subscribers because it is they who affect the number of views to a large extent. Having a lot of people subscribing to your videos does not necessarily imply an automatic increase in the number of views on videos. The subscribers must be active on YouTube so as to get notifications about the videos you uploaded. They should then respond appropriately by viewing the videos you have uploaded.

Some viewers use ad blocks. If this is the case, you might have a large fan base in terms of subscribers yet your views are constantly low. This is because if a subscriber is using an ad block application then their browser will skip the ad and take them directly to your videos. Not unless you are having sponsored videos, then you will not be making any money through placing videos at the beginning of your videos.

For the sponsored videos, besides having a lot of subscribers, your contract with the client plays a part in deciding how much you will be earning. If the deal is good then you will earn a lump sum from these videos.

YouTube recognizes the subscribers on its website and that is why they came up with they call the Creators’ Award, to recognize people who command the largest number of subscribers. According to YouTube guidelines, if you get up to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, YouTube awards you the Silver Play Button award. For the more popular or larger organizations with 1000,000 subscribers, they are awarded with the Gold Play Button. 10,000,000 subscribers warrant you the receivership of the Diamond Play Button.

It is for these reasons and many more that people look for ways to increase their number of subscriber. Basic ways include posting your videos on popular websites and social media such as Facebook. If you have a large and strong Facebook or twitter pages will also help bolster your fan base. Some websites also came up with a way to increase your subscribers. One such popular site is They promise safe, quick and easy delivery of the free subscribers to your YouTube account.